Cit Fun Limited is a manufacturer of trampoline park, soft playground, soft play, toddler play and other playground equipment. Established by Mr Changli Li and his wife at 2011, concentrate on trading at beginning. Open own factory in 2014, since found hard to control quality from most suppliers, who just like fast production, poor package, no inspection, rude loading on delivery and nearly no after-sale service. Paid more than earn on after-sale in that time.
Lots of clients told to 
Mr Changli: "Changli, you will do perfect if have your own factory?"
"Yes, I Do!"
Now we can produce trampoline park, soft playground equipment, pool slide, water park equipment, tumble track and keep develop new equipment. Also selling relative products from some suppliers we know good.

Citfun's playground equipment very good for rent. Find a place, let Citfun's Engineer make design. Put multiple equipment, adults and kids will play at night and weekend.

Citfun's portable equipment can be moved by van and trailer. Travel and hire them everywhere.

Order some small play equipment for your shop, salon, cafe and backyard is also a good idea.